The Umathum Estate

The Umathum estate is located in Burgenland, Austria around the shores of Lake Neusiedl. The estate has been producing its own wine since the 1970s. The Umathum brand is now associated with the production of authentic reds and characteristic whites. Biodynamics is adopted in principal more than philosophy. The genetic memory ‘nature’s conscience’ of ancient vines specific to the region is utilised to aid the development of wines that have a distinctive ‘terroir-note’. Here at The Grape Store we are happy to be in partnership with Umathum and have for you two of their finest red wines, a Pinot Noir and a Zweigelt.

Umathum Estate Parcels

The Estates vineyards are divided into five distinct parcels. These are the Ried Hallebuhl, Vom Stein, Haideboden, Unter den Terrassen and Kirschgarten. Each of these regions displays different qualities. Haideboden is an area that is primarily suited to the growth of Zweigelt, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc , Blaufrankisch and Sankt Laurent. The land has a gentle incline, allowing for winter breezes to keep the vines frost free. The soil is chalky, with gravel more prominent on the higher slopes.

Vom Stein is situated on a hill top. It is the vineyard with the highest altitude. In this region the soil is dry and warm; there is also a limited water supply. These characteristics support the growth of the Sankt Laurent grape. Kirschgarten and Unter den Terrassen are two parcels that are adjacent to each other. These vineyards were first established in 1524 and the terraces built in 1700. Both have a microclimate, the south east slope is protected from the wind and benefits from mild breezes off the lake. The soil in Under den Terrassen is calcareous clay and shell limestone, very dense in structure and ideal for water retention. This characteristic suits the growth of the Pinot Noir grape. In contrast the soils in Kirschgarten are schist and quartz. This allows the roots of the vines to grow more deeply than they can in other areas, protecting against draught. Kirschgarden’s name is derived from the fact that for hundreds of years cherry trees have been grown alongside the vines. The grapes best suited for growth in this parcel are Blaufrankisch.

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Umathum Wines

As you can see the Umathum estate is comprised of many types of soil/substrate. Lake Neusiedl, the largest in central Europe at 3350 square kilometres and a depth of no more than 2 meters creates a unique ecosystem. Its evaporation potential is integral to the growth of healthy grapes. This coupled with carefully selected vines by their scientific advisor and an understanding of the terroir creates wines of a very high quality. Here at the grape store we are proud to feature two of Umathum’s finest wines. These are the Zweigelt and Pinot Noir.


Zweigelt is a wine particular to Austria. The Umathum estate produces one of the country’s best Zweigelt wines. Umathum Zweigelt has fine tannins and a mild finish.

Pinot Noir

Umathum’s Pinot Noir is distinctive and fully reflects its unique terroir. The tannins are light and the finish silky. On the palate the wine expresses bright red fruits.