The Beginner’s Guide to Wine Tasting – Part 2: Appearance

Since part one of our wine tasting guide discussed how to identify faulty wines, parts two, three and four get down to the fun part – the tasting itself. We’ll cover appearance, smell and taste in the hope that you’ll feel equipped to go to a tasting event, host your own party, or simply appreciate the next bottle you […]

The Beginner’s Guide to Wine Tasting – Part 1: Faults

When you think of wine tasting, you may envisage a crowd of well-to-do individuals describing high-end vintages in terms rarely heard in normal conversation. Whilst it’s necessary for us as wine merchants to be able to describe our wines in order to fully inform our customers, we’re often asked why the average Joe should take an interest […]

Supper Club: Peppered Steaks and Red Wine Butter

In the first of our new Supper Club posts, we show you how to create the perfect peppered steak, partnered with some tasty red wine butter.  This fantastically easy recipe serves four and takes around half an hour to prepare, though the time-savvy amongst you may wish to make the butter ahead of time and […]

Our First Grape Of The Month – Grenache

Grenache makes gamey wines with flavours of strawberries, raspberry, spice and hints of pepper. Often blended with other wines but can make very good wines on its own. Displays ripe sweetness, herbs and spices. Best known for Chateauneuf Du Pape it thrives in France’s southern Rhone Valley and vineyards all over the world which enjoy the […]

The Real Wine Fair 2013

The Real Wine Fair 2013

Domaine Cousin-Leduc, Olivier Cousin (Loire Valley. France) I am naturally drawn to a character such as Olivier Cousin and having met the man, my opinion has not wained. An amiable, free spirirted non conformist who is happy to stick two fingers up to convention and indeed the authorities in a just cause! A man who sold his […]

New Wines at The Grape Store

Poggio Argentiera, Bellamarsilia, Morellino di Scansano

There are several organic, biodynamic and natural wines to be added to the list in the coming weeks and this news section will be getting a well deserved update with more postings. We promise to keep you in touch with what’s new and tasting great! We kick off with a Tuscan treat from Poggio Argentiera and their Bellamarsilia, […]