Feedback from the Stratford Upon Avon Food Festival

The food festival was a great success and from the wines on show the following proved the most popular:

Chateau Ollieux Romanis – Alicante 2008 (red) – The Alicante grape is hard to find in France nowadays but Jacqueline Bories creates an intense wine which was a big hit. Made from hundred year old vines, which produce a meagre 25 hectolitres per hectare, only 500 cases are produced each year. Available here at £11.99.

The Cuvee Classique Rouge from the same stable also proved very popular. A luscious red & black fruit flavoured blend of old vine Carignan, Grenache, Mourvedre and Syrah. It’s here at £9.40.

When it came to the white wines Henri Bourgeois’s “Petit Bourgeois” proved a hit. A 100% Sauvignon Blanc from France’s Loire valley, it misses out on appellation status for Sancerre by a gnats whisker and as such is marvellous value at just £9.75.

With regard to the Rose wines it has to be a tie between the Simonsig Kaapse Vonkel Rose 2014 available here at £12.99 and the Chateau Mourgues du Gres, Costieres De Nimes Rose, Les Galets 2015 available at just £11.49. One of the leading estates from the Costieres Du Nimes region in France’s southern Rhone valley.

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