The Beginner’s Guide to Wine Tasting – Part 3: Nose

Describing the scent of a wine is a vital stage of the wine tasting experience. Don’t be afraid to really get your nose stuck in the glass, as the smell of the wine will give you heaps of clues as to its quality and potential taste.

In order to really release the scents of the wine you’re tasting, give the glass a good swirl for around ten seconds in order to break the surface of the wine, then get stuck in! If your wine has fallen foul of one of the faults mentioned in part one, chances are you’ll be able to identify it at this stage. Inhale deeply, and you’ll probably be surprised at how many familiar scents you can identify. Withdraw from the glass for a few seconds, then go back for a second inhale. Try and separate the smells into distinctive odours, such as individual fruits, flowers or spices.

Identifying the nose of a wine becomes easier with practise, but try your best and you’ll be sure to name a couple of familiar smells!


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