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Domaine Matassa

Domaine Matassa, Vin de Pays des Cotes Catalanes Rouge 2011

Domaine Matassa is run by Tom Lubbe, who purchased a vineyard in the Roussillon region in 2001. Tom and his team have nurtured the old-vine Carignan that were already growing there and use biodynamic methods of viticulture.

The vineyards are worked naturally without any chemical aids, certified organic, biodynamic techniques are also employed such as Preparation 500 and various plant fermentations to activate and nourish soil “life” (microbial activity). Depending on the site the vineyards are plowed by tractor, caterpillar tractor or by mule (about 5ha are worked by hand) in the interests of recreating a sustainable fertility of the soil. Tom firmly believes in the old agricultural adage that the best fertilizer is the foot-prints of the owner.

Fermented with indigenous yeasts in 500l barrels. Light foot treading, 8 days on skins. Wine is filtered lightly but not fined, after 20 months elevage.

The Matassa Rouge boasts a delightful nose that offers sweet, dark, spicy and savoury scents with an added hint of smoky tar. This strong red’s palate has a really exquisite density of tight, slightly reduced fruit, with a character that is spicy and savory. Good acidity,  this wine, excellent already is only going to get better with age.

This wine is from a certified producer.

Colour Red
ABV 12.5% ABV
Region Roussillon, France
Grape Variety Carignan
Producer Domaine Matassa