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Domaine Jo Landron

Domaines Jo Landron, Muscadet Amphibolite Nature 2015

The Domaine Jo Landron was founded in 1945 by Julien, Pierre and Joseph Landron. The estate has been passed down from father to son ever since. In 1987 it was noticed that the use of herbicides on the vineyards was poisoning the vines. Organic conversion began in 1999, with certification arriving only three years later. In 2011 the vineyard was certified biodynamic. Harmony with the cosmic rhythm (influence of the stars) has been achieved.  The biodynamic techniques enhance the natural flavour of the Muscadet and allow its minerality to be a true reflection of the terroir. Quartz, Gneiss and Amphibolite add unmistakable character to the estates wine.

Tasting notes

This is a fresh and zingy wine that is full of life. It has a floral elements and hints of spice in its aroma. The balance and quality of the wine is noticeable on the palate. Tastes of citrus fruits, wild flowers and a salty minerality are all present.  Domaines Jo Landron, Muscadet Amphibolite Nature 2012 has a long iodized length. It is a wonderful aperitif as much as it is a great accompaniment to food. The taste of and length of the wine is fully revealed if it is consumed with oysters.

This wine is from a certified producer.