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Biodynamic practises take into account the seasons as well as lunar and solar rhythms which would not have seemed strange to our ancestors.

Rudolf Steiner founded the biodynamic movement in the 1920′s in an attempt to bridge the two worlds of what he referred to as ‘modern science and peasant wisdom’. Some critics are sceptical of the more arcane elements of biodynamics but often concede that the end result is better tasting wine. This may be simply down to the old maxim that the best fertiliser is the farmer’s footsteps. Some of the world’s leading wine producers are now working biodynamically. For many it is a practical and sustainable farming solution, and as such you will not always see it written on the label or used as a marketing tool. Biodynamic certification is a sound guarantee of responsible environmental practice: the wines should always have a clear sense of place terroir and quality can be exceptional. We’re really proud of our hand-picked range of biodynamic wines, and hope you like them as much as we do!

  1. Bio / Nat

    Alexandre Bain “Pierre Preciuse” 2017

  2. Biodynamic

    Aphros, Loureiro Vinho Verde Branco 2018

  3. Biodynamic

    Aria Di Caiarossa 2011

  4. Biodynamic

    Caiarossa 2012

  5. Biodynamic

    Caiarossa Bianco 2014

  6. Biodynamic

    Caiarossa Pergolaia 2012

  7. Biodynamic

    Cullen “Kevin John” Margaret River Chardonnay 2008

  8. Biodynamic

    Cullen “Mangan Vineyard” Margaret River Sauvignon/Semillon 2017

  9. Biodynamic

    Cullen, Mangan Vineyard, Margaret River, Merlot Malbec Petit Verdot 2016

  10. Bio / Nat / Org

    Domaine Breton Bourgueil Trinch 2017

  11. Nat / Bio

    Domaine Breton Chinon Beaumont 2013

  12. Bio / Nat / Org

    Domaine Breton Vouvray Brut La Dilettante Methode Traditionalle