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Colognole Sinopie Chianti DOCG 2014


Sinopie Chianti

Colognole Sinopie Chianti DOCG 2014

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The Colognole Sinopie Chianti has a short, crisp quality.  On the nose it exhibits bright cherry and raspberry aromas. On the palate it is light to medium bodied.  A great vibrant acidic red wine. Finished with elements of fresh cherries and salty black licorice. Best enjoyed with food and with friends!

Colognole Sinopie Chianti DOCG 2014   The Grape StoreSinopie refers to the guidelines that artists draw on walls. Drawn in preparation to paint large fresco. Colognole is a wine making region in Chianti. A region that is renowned for its Chianti Rufina. A classic wine grown exclusively in the Chianti’s vineyards. The Colognole Sinopie Chianti is closely related to the Rufina. It is in many senses a co-operative wine. The product of numerous vineyards. All with an elevation of 500m above sea level. The youngest vines are used to make this wine. A wine that expresses the quality of its region and the terroir. A wine made in the style of a classic chianti.

Colognole Sinopie Chianti Food Pairings

Chianti is wonderful when paired with food. Dishes that contain red meat or tomatoes are an ideal accompaniment. Tomatoes match the acidity of the wine. The wines sharp salty black licorice finish complements both beef and lamb. Classic Italian dishes bring this wine into a world of its own. Spaghetti bolognese and lasagne are perfect matches.

The Terroir

The Colognole region is cooler than most Chianti growing regions. Vines benefit from a high diurnal variation. Cool mountain breezes and sunny days ensure a long growing season. The grapes ripen slowly. The soil is a mixture of clay, gravel and limestone. Ideal for both water retention and mineralisation. Oak casks assist in aging the wine for eight months.

Colognole Sinopie Chianti DOCG 2014   The Grape Store

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