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Leopold Gourmel Bio Attitude Cognac


Leopold Gourmel Bio Attitude Cognac

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This cognac house has always relied on natural processes. From growing the grapes to picking, maturing, distilling, ageing and bottling them, Gourmel cognac is free of any chemicals, pesticides or additives to enhance colour in respect of nature and the final product. The philosophy of the company is to concentrate on quality not quantity, which means that one year the outcome may be higher than in others. This is further shown by the radical decision to produce only pure vintage cognacs, so there is no blending of different years in order to create VS, VSOP or XO cognacs for instance. To go with this authentic approach, the design of Gourmel is simple and modern.

On the nose there are distinct floral and mature fruity notes. The palate is exceptionally well balanced combining a buttery nuttiness with mandarins and vanilla. The finish is long and warmly satisfying with a real sense of terroir influenced by the Fins Bois soil notes.

“Leopold Gourmel set out to be different by making better quality wine in the first place, which results in a more interesting cognac.” – Good Food

This wine is from a certified producer.

Additional information


Port & Cognac


40% ABV



Grape Variety

Colombard,Folle Blanche,Trebbiano,Port & Cognac


Leopold Gourmel


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