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Organic producers will only make good wine if they also made good wine before becoming organic. This may seem self evident, but organic certification is, at its simplest, adhering to a list of chemicals not to use in your vineyard.

Tick the list and you can be certified organic, irrespective of the quality of what you produce. An oven pizza may be labelled organic but that doesn’t make it haute cuisine. Requirements for organic certification vary widely around the world, with many countries not recognising the accreditation of others, so there are plenty of grey areas. To add further confusion, in the EU organic accreditation covers only the grapes and not what happens in the winery, hence why you will only ever see an EU wine labelled as ‘made with organically grown grapes’. Think of the organically grown lettuce that is treated with chemical preservatives to keep it fresh on the supermarket shelf. Therefore, the word ‘organic’ on the label is no guarantee that a wine has not had chemicals used in the processing of it. The wines we stock come from vineyards where organic isn’t just a label, it’s a way of life – the producers take great care of their vines and this is reflected in the quality of the wines they create.

  1. Nat / Org

    Bera Vittoria Moscato d’Asti 2018

  2. Nat / Org

    Bera, Barbera D’Asti Ronco Malo 2013

  3. Nat / Org

    Bera, Barbera, Le Verrane 2016

  4. Organic

    Brundlmayer Kamptaler Terrassen Gruner Veltliner 2015

  5. Organic

    Brundlmayer Kamptaler Terrassen Riesling 2008

  6. Organic

    Cape Chamonix Chardonnay 2017

  7. Organic

    Cape Chamonix Chardonnay Reserve 2016

  8. Organic

    Cape Chamonix Grewacke Pinotage 2016

  9. Organic

    Cape Chamonix Pinot Noir Reserve 2016

  10. Organic

    Cape Chamonix Rouge 2015

  11. Organic

    Cape Chamonix Troika 2016

  12. Organic

    Capezzana, Barco Reale di Carmignano 2016