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Clos du Gravillas, Emmenez Moi Au Bout Terret 2015


Clos du Gravillas,Emmenez-moi-au-bout-de-terret-2010

Clos du Gravillas, Emmenez Moi Au Bout Terret 2015

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Nicole and John Bojanowski own the 8 hectares that are known as the Clos du Gravillas. The vineyard is situated on a plateau of crushed white gravel chips within the Parc Naturel de Haut Languedoc, a national park and the home of the mouflon. The estate is fully organic and all the grapes are handpicked. The ambition of Nicole and Jean is to create wines with character, ones that add magic to moments with friends. The terroir produces 15 different grapes.  These become 9 different wines some varietal other cuvees. The emphasis on production is a balance of rich and refreshing. Expressions of minerality with floral notes in the whites and chalkiness and deep rich fruit flavours in the reds. Their wines can be described as having a lunar quality.


The wine has a definite yellow tint in the glass. Aromas of spices are accompanied with hints of citrus fruit. Clos du Gravillas, Emmenez moi au bout terret is a light wine with a characteristic minerality. On the palate there are elements of tropical fruit and melon. The wine is aged on its lees and has a pleasant finish with gun flinty undertones.  Recommended servings are with seafood, fish or white meat. Cockles, oysters, light grilled fishes or chicken are great accompaniments.



This wine is from a certified producer.

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Terret Bouret


Clos Du Gravillas


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