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Umathum Pinot Noir 2011


Umathum Pinot

Umathum Pinot Noir 2011

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Umathum pinot noir is a garnet coloured red wine with a distinctive ‘terroir-note’. On the nose the wine has light aromas of fresh berries and herbs. On the palate elements of cranberry and bright red fruits are expressed. Umathum pinot noir has light tannins and long silky finish. The wine is splendidly aromatic has a hint of forest floor earthiness.

Umathum Pinot Noir 2011   The Grape Store

Umathum Pinot Noir – Soul Food

The estate operates under the philosophy of creating wine that is food for the soul, the expression of a harmonised whole. A knowledge and understanding of nature is integral to how grapes are cultivated on the estate. The Umathum estate operates under principals of foundation and life direction. Emphasis is on finding inner strength through understanding how wine cultivation and bottling has an influence on the terroirs natural processes. Harnessing this understanding gives each of the Umathum wines their distinctive ‘terroir-note’.

On the Banks of Lake Nuesiedl

The estate is comprised of four regions or parcels. These are Ried Hallebuhl, Vom Stein, Haideboden and Kirschgarten. They are all situated on the banks of Lake Neusiedl. The lake itself is an Endorheic Basin and covering 315 square kilometres is the largest in Central Europe. There are no rivers or tributaries running off the lake, it is also no deeper than 2 meters. The region is national park and is home to many rare birds.

Umathum Pinot Noir 2011   The Grape Store

Genetic memory otherwise known as ‘nature’s conscience’ is a principal that is utilised by the Umathum estate. Dr. Helmut Gangl is the estates scientific guide and cultivator. He helps select the best indigenous Austrian grape varieties for cultivation. All plants have a genetic memory; this means that responses to their environment are passed on to successive generations. If these intelligent grapes are selected the wines created express a quality that is specific to the terroir. The vines selected are from ancient vineyards. It is known for a fact that wine production started in the region with the Celts 3000 years ago.

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