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Umathum Zweigelt 2013


Umathum Zweigelt

Umathum Zweigelt 2013

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Zweigelt is a wine specific to Austria and is the most widespread red variety. The Umathum estate situated in Burgenland around the shores of Lake Neusiedl produces one of the country’s best Zweigelt wines. Umathum Zweigelt is characterised by its ruby red colour. On the nose there is the impression of fruit, raspberries and strawberries. On the palate there are elements of cherry, coupled with distinctive spicy notes. The wine has fine tannins and a mild finish.

Umathum Zweigelt 2013   The Grape Store

The Umathum Estate

The Umathum name is Frankish (first known group of German tribes) in origin. The Umathum family first settled in North Burgenland, Austria in the mid-18th Century. This was during the reign of the Austrian Monarch Maria-Theresa. The family has always had its roots in agriculture and until the 1970s has delivered high quality grapes to cooperatives. After the 1970s the family started to bottle its own wines, starting what is regarded today as one of Austria’s best wineries.

Umathum Zweigelt – An Authentic Red

The Estate produces mostly authentic red wines but also produces a range of distinctive whites. In total the Estate covers 30 hectares. The majority of production, over 85%, is for the red grape varieties Zweigelt, St. Laurent and Blaufrankisch. White grapes cultivated include Lindenlattriger, Gelber Traminer and Pinot Gris. During harvest all the grapes are handpicked to avoid damage and to ensure that only healthy grapes are used in the final stages of wine production.

Umathum Zweigelt 2013   The Grape Store

The soil on the estate is a mix of slate, lime, clay and gravel. The regions climate is typically Mediterranean, experiencing over 2000 hours of sunshine a year. The summers are hot and dry, the autumns stable and the winters not too severe. The location of the vineyards to the lake and the lakes evaporation potential has a big influence on the grape production and quality.

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