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Pinot Meunier

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Colour: Red

Pinot Meunier is also known as Schwarzriesling, or simply Meunier, is a black wine grape variety which is commonly used in the production of Champagne along with Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. It has a richness and body which gives depth to blended wines.

  1. Lutte Raisonnee

    Philipponnat Non Dose Royale Reserve N.V.

  2. Lutte Raisonnee

    Philipponnat Royale Reserve Brut N.V.

  3. Lutte Raisonnee

    Simonsig Kaapse Vonkel Brut 2014

  4. Lutte Raisonnee

    Simonsig Kaapse Vonkel Rose 2014