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Colour: Red

Pinotage is South Africa’s signature variety of red wine grape and is relatively young, having only been bred since 1925 as a cross between Cinsaut (or ‘Hermitage’) and Pinot Noir. This grape usually produces deep red wines which are characteristically earthy and sometimes offer a hint of tropical fruit. It’s a difficult grape to get right, and sometimes varieties have a faint aroma of acetone, but all the wines selected by The Grape Store are extremely high quality.

  1. Organic

    Cape Chamonix Grewacke Pinotage 2016

  2. Organic

    Laibach Inkawu Pinotage 2016

  3. Sale!

    Lutte Raisonnee

    Simonsig Frans Malan Reserve 2010

    £16.99 £16.25
  4. Lutte Raisonnee

    Simonsig Kaapse Vonkel Rose 2014

  5. Lutte Raisonnee

    Simonsig Pinotage 2016