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Legnoart, Optimum Decanter Set

£104.95 £94.95


Legnoart, Optimum Decanter Set

£104.95 £94.95

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The Optimum ultimate luxury Decanter, class personified and the perfect must have gift for the serious wine lover. Designed by Enrico Albertini, this set contains decanter, thermo ash wood base and funnel with filter. Blown with lead free glass and bio-finished.

“This smart Optimum decanter set by Legnoart is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship. It stands with elegance on any table, it has true design led styling with beautiful attention to detail. Legnoart offer well designed products with hand crafted finish that shows attention to detail. This terrific decanter has been given a curvaceous personality by the designer’s at Legnoart and sits pretty in the ash wooden stand. With elegant packaging it makes for the perfect wine lover’s gift.”

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