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Domaine Guy Allion

Guy Allion, Chenonceaux Sauvignon Blanc 2017


The Touraine Chenonceaux Sauvignon Blanc is a dry, crisp wine. Low acidity complements rich fruit flavours. On the nose there are a myriad of fruit aromas. Exotic fruits are infused with elements of citrus, pear and apricot. The palate reveals hints of pineapple, lychees and kiwi. Creating a full fruit body. The wine can be best enjoyed with fish. Goats cheese and bread is another great accompaniment. Touraine Chenonceaux Sauvignon Blanc is polished dry to medium wine with a subtle mineralisation.

Touraine Chenonceaux

Along the banks of the river Cher in the Loire valley you will find the Domaine haut Perron . Guy Allion is the owner of the estate. The vineyards cover 60 hectares and mainly produces Sauvignon Blanc. Also produced are Malbec, Cabernet Franc, Chardonnay, Chenin and Gamay grapes. The Touraine Chenonceaux AOC became its own Appellation in 2011. The parcels are concentrated on the upper slopes. The soil is predominantly clay-siliceous. It also contains flint fragments. Because of this it is known locally as ‘Perruche’. Naturally ribbed the upper slopes have excellent natural drainage.

The Reattachment

Guy Allion has over 30 years experience as manager of the Domaine Haut Perron. As well as practical hands on experience he has also studied viticulture at a school of enology. These studies have introduced him to sustainable methods of treating vines. Particularly those that have become the victims of disease. Many infected vines have healthy roots. Reattachment is simply the process of grafting. The process of cutting away the old vine and replacing it with a healthy wand. A wand being a section of a new vine. This system is advantageous  for a couple of reasons. It ensures that there is not an unnecessarily long break in production and disruption to otherwise healthy vines. A full harvest is available from a graft in only two years.

Please Note: Whilst this wine may not be certified Organic or Biodynamic by the relevant governing body, the producer follows the relevant practices. Some have no desire to seek certification or in some circumstances wish to reserve the right to intervene chemically as a last resort should it be deemed necessary.

Colour White
ABV 12-3% ABV
Region Loire Valley, France
Grape Variety Sauvignon Blanc
Producer Domaine Guy Allion