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Vittorio Bera and Figli

Bera Vittoria, Moscato d’Asti 2019

Brother and sister team Gian Lugi & Allessandera Bera are at the helm of this small but exceptional Piemonte estate, farming 12 hectares they produce some remarkable Barbera and Moscato D’Asti.

All of the estate is farmed organically and has been certified since 2000, all the wines are produced entirely naturally.

In short all the wines are not only superb but positively good for you!

The Bera’s who have an incomparable devotion to the Moscato grape, it was first planted here around the 13th century and has been maintained by the Bera family since 1785, when a plot of land was purchased from the Knights of Malta. The Beras can also be credited with being the first estate in Canelli to bottle and market its own wine. All vineyard work is organic, to help maintain healthy and active vineyards, all natural yeasts are used in the cellars, with winemaking in the hands of Alessandra’s forward thinking and talented brother, Gian luigi.

Delicate, full aromas and flavours. It’s texture is fleshy, sweet and round with melon, elderflower, apricot, sage and orange peel presenting itself in order on the palate.

“In Italy they say Moscato d’Asti is the ultimate breakfast wine. Certainly, I could drink it all day, and as it is so innocently low in alcohol (typically 5.5%) it is tempting to start early. It’s best after dinner, though, or at lunch, slopped into large wine glasses.” – Victoria Moore.

This wine is from a certified producer.

Colour White
ABV 5.5% ABV
Region Piedmont, Italy
Grape Variety Muscat
Producer Vittorio Bera and Figli