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Caiarossa Pergolaia 2012

Caiarossa Pergolaia is a red wine with an intense bouquet, characterised by its seductive body and soft tannins this wine has a remarkable depth to its character. It’s a carefully crafted blend of four different grape varieties, mostly Sangiovese but also containing small amounts of Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. The wine is harvested by hand in September; maceration of the skins and alcoholic fermentation lasts for between 15 and 25 days at a controlled temperature of 28 c. Following this the wine is aged for two years in casks and tonneaux.

The Val Di Cecina – Home of Caiarossa Pergolaia

The estate is situated in the Val di Cecina, this translates literally as the Cecina river valley. The region can best be described as being that of wild Mediterranean brush land, a mixture of rolling hillsides with olive groves and natural woods. The hills of Val di Cecina are scattered with medieval villages, military strongholds, parish churches and abbeys. From the estate the Tyrrhenian Sea can be viewed on the horizon. The altitude of the estate allows for cool sea breezes whilst the hills and woods offer protection from the north winds. The estates cellars are positioned on the warmer southern slopes. The cellars have been constructed with feng-shui and geo dynamics in mind.

Historical Roots

The closest town to the estate is the historic town of Riparbella. The region is renowned for its natural beauty and is a holiday destination for lovers of hiking, biking, trekking and horseback riding. In fact the natural biodiversity of the region allows for three nature reserves, the Berigone, Montenero and Monteufoli-Caselli. The city of Volterra is what can be called an Etruscan city, an artistic centre with close historical ties to its monuments. The city has three principal museums, the Etruscan Museum of Sacred Art, Ecomuseum of Alabaster and Viti Palace.

Colour Red
ABV 12.5% ABV
Region Tuscany, Italy
Grape Variety Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Sangiovese, Cabernet Franc
Producer Caiarossa